Number 19 house goes up in flames; arson suspected

A 54-year-old man is currently homeless and staying temporarily with friends after the house he was living in went up in flames in the wee hours of Monday.

Ashrud Khan, a driver of Warren Village, #19 Corentyne, Berbice, said he lost all of his belongings in the fire. Khan was the caretaker of the house; the owner resides overseas.


He told reporters that he believes it was an act of arson since he received information that some persons known to him were at the house prior to the fire.

“I am gonna report it, is friends I know but I told them when I am not around don’t come but like they realise I wasn’t around.


“I didn’t see nobody, but people told me that certain people went into my house. I live here for four years and nothing like this never happen. I have a lot of stuff in there, over $500,000 in stuff I lose and documents including my ID card and driver’s license and so all gone,” the man said.

Khan said prior to the fire, he had attended a funeral on Sunday and afterwards decided to have a few drinks with some friends.

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It wasn’t until 03:00hrs Monday that a neighbour called one of his friends with whom he was imbibing with and informed him that the house was on fire.

“I take a bicycle and ride and come down and I see fire trucks and the place on fire,” he said.


Nothing could have been saved at that time. The building is estimated to have cost nearly $1.5 million.

Presently, Khan is without a fixed place of residence and will be unable to work as a driver since his license went up in flames.


Persons desirous of assisting Khan to get back on his feet can contact him on 622-5409.



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