The police are currently investigating the cause of death of a couple, whose bodies were found in a bath tub in a hotel room at the Aracari Resort on the West Bank of Demerara around 18:00hrs on Sunday.
The couple had checked into the hotel at 15:38hrs on Saturday, and were last heard from at 12:00hrs on Sunday, when they spoke with management of the hotel regarding extension of their stay.

Regional Commander, Simon McBean, said that there was nothing initially apparent to suggest the cause of death, however he confirmed that bodies were found with no mark of violence, while the door of the hotel room was locked from the inside.
Speculations are that it may be a case of yet another murder-suicide. McBean related that the identity of the individuals are known, however the police wishes to withhold the identity until the relatives of the deceased are notified.
The couple were last heard from at 12pm on Sunday, when they were expected to check out of the room. The male partner made arrangements for the stay to be extended.
“They should have been booked out at 12 noon today,that’s they time when they [hotel management] checked with them the male responded and he requested further time. It was agreed that an additional $2000 would be added to his charges,” McBean said.
However, when the agreed check out time came and went without an appearance from the couple, management once again tried to contact the occupants of the room. After phone calls and knocks on the locked door went unanswered, physical checks were made and the bodies were discovered.
Investigations are ongoing.

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