Buxton men held at gunpoint, robbed of valuables at ‘Ital shop

Five men who reside in Buxton on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) were held at gunpoint and robbed of their cellphones and valuables on Tuesday night while at an ital food shop located on the Annandale Railway Embankment, ECD.

The men who were robbed are aged 32, 28, 27 and 29.


According to a police report, these men were at the shop watching television while playing a game of cards. At around 22:30hrs, however, they were approached by six armed men on motorcycles.  An unidentifiable woman came with the bandits but remained on a motorcycle, the police said.

The victims were robbed of three Samsung cellphones, one iPhone 8 plus, two gold chains, an Eagle wallet containing an identification card and $23, 000 in local currency.

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Later, the suspects got on their motorcycles and escaped.



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