$1.4M in jewellery stolen from stall in Stabroek Market

Police have captured one of three suspects who reportedly stole $1.4 million in jewellery, $300,000 in local currency and belts valued $100,000 from a jewellery store in the Stabroek Market early Saturday.

The stall is owned by a 47-year-old businessman and the name of the store was not released by the police.
According to a police report, ranks from the City Constabulary were on foot patrol duty when they heard a loud banging coming from inside the market at about 04:30hrs on Saturday.


Upon investigation, they saw three men escaping on foot through the meat section of the market.

“The ranks gave chase and apprehended one of the males who dropped a blue-coloured gift bag while the other two escaped,” the police reported.

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A suspect was found with a transparent plastic bag containing cash and a quantity of gold and silver jewellery were found in his crotch.

Investigations are ongoing.





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