The Guyana Police Force Traffic Department is literally clamping down on parking violators.
Traffic ranks are employing the use of wheel clamps to address the high number of parking violations seen during the holiday season.
Traffic Chief Linden Isles made this revelation last week on Kaieteur Radio’s ‘The Legal Mind’.
The exercise has already commenced, with several cars in Regent Street being subjected to “the clamp”, after drivers occupies areas that were clearly marked ‘no parking’.
According to Isles, parking during the Christmas season becomes a major issue, since many persons are out shopping for supplies, causing traffic to further build up in an already congested city.
“You know for the past three years we would have registered more than 34,000 vehicles and when you look at that situation, you would understand why it is congested. As the Christmas season is here, we are looking to have traffic ranks at all the major intersections and strategic points to assist and minimize the traffic a bit.”

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Traffic Department clamping down on illegal parking in the city


Isles pointed out that the city has no proper parking area resulting in persons parking in a manner that is dangerous to road users.
“Parking is a major concern for us at the Traffic Department because around the city, there is no proper parking space, we have no proper area to park all these cars so what you find, persons would leave their vehicles in any spot they see and go about their business and that is not right. Some of them are leaving their vehicles in spots that can cause obstructions; some of them are causing obstructions and leaving their vehicles in dangerous positions.”
The Traffic Chief said that the department will also have a tow truck operating throughout the city for the duration of the festive season.
“It will be towing away vehicles that are illegally parked; the owners will have to pay the tow fee along with whatever ticket is issued for the traffic violation they committed”, Isles stated.
Since the clamp system has been effective, Isles disclosed that the exercise will continue straight into the coming year.
The clamps will be placed on vehicles with traffic infringements and in cases where the owners cannot be located. The vehicle can also be towed to the nearest police station.
Drivers and motorists alike are advised that it will be difficult for them to move their vehicles if officers are not there to remove the clamps.



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