Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine, is in support of calls to have heavy-duty vehicles particularly container trucks confined to using designated roads in the city.

In response to concerns about the damage caused to the roads by the heavy-duty vehicles, the Mayor told Kaieteur News that the Council has commenced talks with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the Private Sector Commission, (PSC) and the Shipping Association of Guyana on ways to curb the situation.
According to the Mayor, it was discussed several times before, how much damage heavy-duty vehicles cause on the city roads.
Narine noted that fees remitted to the Council by the trucking community to help maintain the roads, pales in comparison to the damage caused.
He noted, nonetheless, that there are a number of matters to take into consideration.
“For instance, the traffic hassle caused by heavy-duty trucks, the damage to roads and the expense imposed on the taxpaying citizenry to repeatedly fix.”
Narine told Kaieteur News, “While the Council would like to address the problem head on, it cannot do so alone.
“This issue calls for entire roundtable discussion by the various entities involved because the Council is not by itself maintaining the roads. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure also has a considerable part to play,” Narine said.
He said, “At this point, the Council is open to recommendations on the way forward.
“But we will have to wait until after the elections to move forward with any decision,” he added.
The maintenance of city roads was addressed at the meeting of the Council held on Tuesday. At the meeting, councillors were updated on the various roadwork projects.
Mayor Narine told members of the Council, that he is seeking advice from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure towards reconstruction of the roads.
The Mayor noted that several road projects are in progress but there has been contention over the use of heavy-duty vehicles in the areas under reconstruction.
“There are a number of road works in progress but the one which is under contention is Sussex Street.
“The trucks seem to be damaging the road as it is fixed. I will be seeking advice from the Ministry to place a bar there, to prevent those vehicles from traversing that road.”

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