SEVERAL Berbicians expressed optimism that should the coalition government return to power they will continue to fulfill their promises to the people to improve infrastructure, education, housing and telecommunications.

Attending the massive Rose Hall Town rally on Sunday afternoon, resident Vibert Garrett said he was thankful for the developments undertaken in the town by the administration, especially the rehabilitation of several streets and streetlights. Garrett who is also a basketball coach said he was thankful that youths who are interested in sports are given the support and recognition.

Karen France

He is hopeful that once the administration retains leadership, youth participation in sports activity will continue.

Donald Herman and his wife Janice Herman travelled from Orealla Village, a community along the Corentyne Coast, to be a part of the rally. They said Orealla had seen massive improvements which have made their lives more comfortable.

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“We saw development, never did so much as compare to what this government has done, they give us a water ambulance, roads are being built, new stelling, access to wifi. We are positive once they
continue along this path we have a bright future ahead.”

Rose Hall Town Resident, Felisha Archer, 55, was among the thousands who had seen and felt the developments first hand in the town.

Vibert Garnett

“We have better streets now… I remember the burial ground street was uneven and fine fine; them car men don’t want carry you through there but now it smooth and broad… we get street lights. Crime down; business booming,”

Karen France, of South Glasgow Housing Scheme, who travelled up to Rose Hall to show her support said she was voting coalition because they were able to address the plights of the residents in East Bank Berbice.

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“After 23 years of not having the East Bank Berbice Road, I am here to support the coalition government. When the coalition took over in 2015 they understood our plight.  The President promised under his government he will deliver to us a road and that was kept and in 2016, the road started and completed; now we have one of the best roads in the whole country. So I will continue to support a government that keeps its promises. Today the East Bank Berbice residents are grateful and will forever be grateful because the farmers are benefitting, the taxi drivers are benefitting, all residents are benefitting. We can see great relief even for the school children who can now go to school on time every day.”

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