“Cash Jet” pilot Khamraj Lall has lost his case against the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation in local court on Friday, January 28. This morning High Court Judge, Justice Diana Insanally dismissed the claims by Lall against the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and ordered him to pay $100,000 to the CJIA. She has also ordered that Lall is entitled to collect any movable property he had stored at a hanger he built when the license expired.

Lall has sued the CJIA claiming in excess of $100M. in damages for the loss/breach of expectation; the CJIA refusal to renew license to use Hangar Timehri and has also sought orders directing the Airport to allow his use and occupation of the said Hangar for as long as it took to recover $600M. invested in it., in addition to cost.


In her summation Justice Diana Insanally found that the CJIA was a statutory corporation and a separate legal entity from the Government of Guyana and that Lall had not proven the Guyana Government authorised him to carry out his Exec Jet project and to expend the $600M. he claimed he did in building the hanger.

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The judge ruled that even if it had, any agreement would have been between the Lall and the Guyana Government and not the CJIA. She stated too that an agreement if any could not automatically be binding on the CJIA.


The judge also found that there was no evidence the CJIA had agreed to either the project or the expenditure, or had done anything other than authorise the Plaintiff to use the land for the 3 year term. Justice insanally found that there was no provision in the licence for any or any automatic renewal, and that Lall had failed to prove he was entitled to this.
in fact the judge also found that Lall had committed the illegality of constructing the Hangar without first obtaining building permission from the CH&PA, which was itself a breach of the licence.

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Her Honour found that there were no equitable considerations in land law in Guyana, and accordingly, the orders that Lall sought, claiming that the CJIA had encouraged him to make the expenditure and was therefore equitably obliged to renew the licence until he had recouped his investment, could not be granted.


The CJIA was represented by SC Andrew M.F. Pollard, SC, and Ms. Gina Macedo-Singh, Esq., of Hughes, Fields & Stoby. while Lall was represented by C.V. Satram of Satram & Satram.

Last year September, Lall lost another court battle and was jailed for 13 years in the United states for trafficking hundreds of kilograms of cocaine into New Jersey and New York area and then laundering over US$10.2 million in cash from the proceed of drug.

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In that US case the court documents reveal that Lall, 52, of Ringwood, New Jersey from April 2011 through November 2014 had used his private plane which he piloted to smuggle hundreds of kilograms of cocaine from Guyana to New Jersey and New York and laundered the proceeds. He bought jet planes, houses, and cars. He also paid over $2 million in cash to a Florida contractor to build an airplane hangar in Guyana. Lall also made more almost 1,300 cash deposits totaling more than $10MUS in several bank accounts of less than 10,000 per deposit over the same period.
Lall was caught in November 2014, on route to Guyana in Puerto Rico, when a search of his plane uncovered $620,000 . Lall is said to own the Kaylees Gas Station near the Soesdyke/Junction highway.


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