Dead: Gourdat Hemraj called “Mahendra”

MERE days away from his 50th birthday, an East Canje man met his demise, after the motor cycle he was riding collided with a motor car, on the Canefield Public Road, on Thursday morning.

The man, Gourdat Hemraj, called “Mahendra”, of Lot 20 Goed Banana Land, was on his way to pick up some items in preparation for a religious function slated for Saturday, in observance of his 50th birthday, when the accident occurred.

The motorcar that was involved in the accident

Speaking with reporters was sister of the deceased, Drupattie Persaud, an overseas-based Guyanese, who came in to celebrate her brother’s birthday.

She related that Hemraj left home at around 11:40hrs to pick up a light switch and other items, as he was putting the final touches to the preparations for his celebrations. Hemraj had left on his black motor cycle bearing registration number CJ 8679.

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According to police reports, while in the vicinity of the Canefield Public Road, he collided with the right front of motor car PLL 8511, which was attempting to turn into a street. Hemraj was heading North on the western carriageway while the motor car, driven by 22-year-old Joseph Samaroo, was in the eastern lane facing south and turning from east to west.

Hemraj upon impact fell to the ground and received injuries about his body. He was picked up in an unconscious state by the driver and public-spirited citizens and rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he briefly regained consciousness.


Persaud said that, about five minutes after her brother left, she received a telephone call informing that he got into an accident. The family picked up the elder brother of Hemraj and headed to the scene of the accident but discovered that Hemraj had already been taken to the hospital.

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“When we reached the hospital, the doctors were around him and he looked up to me and said he won’t make it and I told him ‘no it’s ok, you will be out soon not to worry, I am here’,” the sister related.


The inconsolable woman recalled she came out of the emergency room thinking everything was ok with her brother and he was going to be discharged in a little while but, moments later, he succumbed – a mere 30 minutes after the accident.

She said the doctors tried to resuscitate him but the injuries he received were severe.


Hemraj, she said had spent Thursday night with family sharing childhood stories. He leaves to mourn his wife and siblings. A post-mortem examination is expected to be conducted on his remains soon.

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The driver of the car, a salesman by profession, remains in police custody assisting with investigations.



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