Four Berbice men who left to ply their trade in Suriname have been reported missing as their boat, engine, clothing, gasoline and in excess of 4,000 crabs were found Saturday morning on the Sand Edge foreshore in Nickerie, Suriname.

Missing are 23-year-old Ramdat Goonraj known as Azad of Rose Hall Town, Yogeshwar Mangal, 23, known as ‘Bouyo’ of Number 2 East Canje, Anand Deoharry of Cumberland and 22-year-old Nelson Dejonge of Fort Ordinance Housing Scheme.


The News Room understands that the men left on Sunday last (December 1) and were expected to return on Tuesday evening (December 2).

Their families and friends launched a search in Suriname when they did not return.


Mangal’s father-in-law Ramesh Chunilall told the News Room that fishermen informed them of a boat grounded on the bank of the Sand Edge foreshore and that’s where the found the crab catchers’ boat.

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Chunilall said the boat became grounded on the bank as a result of the tide.


He is worried that the four men are without food and maybe suffering from dehydration and hunger. Relatives believe that the men decided to abandon the boat and walk with the intention of finding a channel that would lead to a residential area.

The News Room understands the distance from Sand Edge to any residential area takes about two to three days.


A report was made to the Springlands Police Station and relatives will return to Suriname Monday to continue the search.



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