Given the spike in snatching incidents in the city, shoppers are put on the alert when traversing the roadways conducting their daily business; to be

The thief being restrained


wary of their surroundings, ensuring they are not the next victim.
Apart from being on the alert, patrons are now fighting back.

The screwdriver used


This was the case yesterday when shoppers on Regent Street put a sound thrashing on a would-be bandit who tried to relieve a young shopper of his bicycle. Wielding a screwdriver, he attempted to rob the teen but he did not count on the people nearby intervening.In broad daylight and unmasked, the young man clad in a blue shirt and black pants approached the young victim and placed the screwdriver to his neck, demanding that he hand over the bicycle.
But another shopper witnessed his demand and immediately raised an alarm. The thief attempted to flee the scene but was nabbed a short distance away by public-spirited citizens who cornered him and started to beat him.
The suspect was held captive until police arrived on the scene.
He was transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital after he complained of chest pains. He was treated and taken into police custody pending charges.
“We fed up man. Is every day or every other day, they running about the place taking people things. In day time too. Is like no where you can’t go and feel safe,” one frustrated shopper said.

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