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With less than 20 days remaining before Guyanese head to the polls on March 2nd 2020 to elect a new Government, the strategy of one major political party in the race might be disintegrating.


A reliable source has disclosed to Guyana News Agency that a plan being executed by that party agents to Air-dash over 10,000 party supporters from different countries in the diaspora is heading downhill. According to the source persons who had made commitment to the party and organizers to return to Guyana and cast their votes for that party at the March 2nd General elections has changed their minds or having second thoughts. They have specifically expressed concerns regarding the recent filing of a court matter by two private citizens Dianna Deravinee Rajcumar and Phillip Marcus. The duo are asking the court to order Leader of the People’s Progressive Party, Bharrat Jagdeo, to produce the academic qualification of the party’s presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali, for their perusal. This might be a uphill task for the former president, now opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo who had instructed at a press conference that Ali answers no more questions about his qualifications. Presidential candidate Ali, who “secured his Master’s on the basis of a first degree from a University that did not even exist” is causing major concerns for party supporters who are questioning if Ali would make it to elections day given the mountains of court cases he is facing. Legal analysts are of the view that If this most recent court action by two private citizens is successful, Ali might be force to provide his authentic certificates which he allegedly don’t have. These recent developments coupled with the tight working schedule of thousands of overseas supporters, are causing major uproar in the party’s campaign headquarters (Freedom house), given these persons who would have made commitments are now changing their minds. They are said to be doubtful of Irfaan Ali’s qualifications and are asking serious questions of his integrity and character to lead them. It is being alleged also that the tickets for these persons have already being paid for by one of the party’s major financier in New York and Guyana. Many are of the view that overseas voting is the only clear path to a PPPC victory on March 2nd given the party’s electoral defeats in 2011 and 2015 elections. Overseas voting; which was vehemently opposed by PPPC founder Dr. Cheddie Jagan, seems to now be a major part of his party’s elections winning strategy. The party’s top executives and campaigners are expected to meet today Monday at the campaign headquarters Robb Street to craft a counter strategy that might convince overseas supporters that Irfaan Ali is the best choice to lead them.

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