It was reported yesterday by this publication that 23-year-old O’Neil Jeffrey of 97 Second Street, Agricola, died at the Georgetown Public Hospital, as a result of a punctured organ caused by broken ribs after a beating by two individuals in Agricola. This was according to Jeffrey’s mother who was interviewed by this newspaper.
The man’s mother claimed that her son was beaten by two men armed with handguns, and that residents pleaded with the men to stop beating him, but their pleas were in vain. The mother explained to Kaieteur News that his beating was gang related “I don’t know. I can’t tell yuh if me son talk whatever he ain’t suppose to talk or wha he deh in, I can’t really tell.”
Jeffrey’s hands and feet were tied; he was beaten from First Street to Third Street and remained in that state until Wednesday morning when ranks of the Guyana Police Force took him to the hospital.
The mother concluded, “I don’t disrespect nobody, nobody don’t really disrespect de I (herself) so I trying fuh figure out wha de disrespectfulness coming from… if is because of me son.”
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