Child prodigy, PDV Sahruda, has set two world records – the most number of origami models (102) by an individual in 20 minutes and most number of ceramic tiles broken (350) by an individual in 20 minutes – at the tender age of 8. The previous record in the ceramic tile category was 262, set by a North Korean.

Hailing from Hyderabad, Sahrida studies in class 3 and is a Green Belt in karate. PDV Sahruda’s mother told us “Sahruda has always been an observant child with a good memory. She also thrives to be the best at whatever she does. She has been learning Karate for the past one year and she is a Green Belt.


For the ceramic tile event, she practised breaking the tiles, 5 mm thick, with her teacher. She also attempted to break another record in colouring that day, for which she sat for five hours. Children seldom exhibit such patience and focus.”

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Apart from all these feats, Sahruda has also taken parts in extracurricular activities without compromising on her studies. She is learning to paint, dance (Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Ballet), athletics, skating, abacus and many more activities. Don’t Miss Previous


Given that she is learning so many extracurricular activities, are might wonder what she wants when she grows up? “I want to be an astronaut leading Indian Space Research Organisation to undiscovered charters like Mars, become a professional sports player preferably in tennis, and excel at ice skating too,” the Class 3 student told The New Indian Express.


Sailaja – Sahruda’s mother – said, “My daughter is naturally inclined towards these activities. She does have her phone time and TV time, but if she is asked to de-stress, she prefers colouring. The future belongs to multi-tasking. If children are not taught to handle stress from a young age, they might fail to do so when they grow up.”


Sahruda’s story should definitely encourage more people to work hard towards their goals.



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