A total of 15 persons who were abandoned at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) will be celebrating Christmas at their respective homes after their families came forward and offered to collect them.
The persons were said to be abandoned at the city hospital for a number of years.
The disabilities of the abandoned persons range from blindness, speech impediment to abnormal limbs.
According to sources at the medical facility, most of the abandoned persons at the city hospital were already discharged. Unfortunately, they had no one to take them home.
The hospital Board of Directors is thankful that persons will be collecting their relatives. This will see more beds being available.
“I am glad that relatives are now coming forward to collect their loved ones at Christmas time. Staff at the hospital would try to give them a nice Christmas by evidently there is no place like home to spend the Christmas season.”
The hospital recently threatened to expose the relatives of those abandoned at the hospital. The hospital had described their action as “shameful”.
After the persons are taken to their respective homes, officials from the hospital will be conducting visits to ensure that there are adjusting in their new environment.
According to the source, most of the patients who are abandoned at the hospital were brought there by someone they knew, for medical attention. The source added that after the patients are treated and discharged, there is no one to collect them. And calls to these people’s phone would go unanswered.
The hospital is mandated to provide free and fair services to everyone. In that regard, it cannot refuse to keep someone after they are discharged. Most of these persons take up abode in the female and male ward.
According to reports, there are cases where persons have been abandoned at the city hospital for over five years. Investigations conducted into the state of affairs of these abandoned patients show that they are usually depressed and lonely.
“No matter the kind of disability someone has that person does not deserve to be abandoned at any facility. Families think that they receive better treatment but from working at the hospital, I would say that it is not so because when someone is sick, they need their immediate family around them.
“They are not looking for someone to feed and clean them; they want relatives to sit and talk to them. Although the nurses at the hospital are doing their best, families need to play their part too,” source added.

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