— To be completed by Feb. 2020 for jubilee celebrations

Director-General (DG) of the Minister of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon on Saturday emphasised the need for community involvement in pushing national development.


He was at the time engaging residents during a community meeting at Kamwatta in the Barima-Waini subdistrict, Moruca.

Director-General (DG) of the Minister of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon engaging residents at Kamwatta.
Director-General (DG) of the Minister of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon donating sport gear.

“We must have some involvement by the community,” DG Harmon stated as he urged to residents to collaborate to ensure the needs of the community are met.


He explained that through community events, funds can be raised to make purchases which are beneficial to the community. This, the Director-General explained, will see residents taking up more roles of responsibility.

He noted that sport also plays an integral role in national development as it promotes social cohesion. As such, he informed the residents that $13M has already been allocated for the rehabilitation of the community’s recreational complex.

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“The works will be completed, and your ground will see significant upgrades by February 2020.” DG Harmon noted while the government is undertaking the rehabilitation works, the management of these facilities is essential, noting that it is the responsibility of the community.

During his meeting, the Director-General committed to donating 18 computer tablets to teachers in the communities. Harmon said before the end of the new week, nine electronic tablets will be delivered to the community for distribution. The Director-General also donated sport gear and other items to the community.


The issues of electricity and pregnant mothers having to travel for hours to the hospital in Suddie to access services were raised during the meeting. In response, the Director-General assured that these matters will be forwarded to the subject ministers to be addressed.

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Earlier in the day, DG Harmon attended an interfaith service that was part of the Moruca Village Day’s observance.



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