Dear Editor,
ANOTHER day, another one, another political party and most likely, another political failure like the Citizens Initiative, et al.

At the rate these political parties are being reproduced, by the mother of all elections, the ballot card would be very thick, presenting the confused electors with the agony of reviewing candidates from Genesis to Exodus. This agonising process may take quite a few hours, as the electors study the many options like a GCE Advanced Level multiple-choice examination. And at the end of the day, only 10 exhausted voters would have had the opportunity to make their choice, while hundreds of thousands would have returned home, exhilarated that they did not have to make that painful decision. A very fertile mother of all elections creating chaos on the election field. No one seems to be making queries as to who is the irresponsible father responsible for all these offspring? Should he not be castrated?
And now the new movement, TNM (The New Mediocres), a group of junior doctors who struggle to manage their daily ward rounds of 40 patients, but foolishly believe that they can manage a country. Let’s assume — and a massive assumption that would be — that they get the diagnosis of Guyana’s ailment correct. Let’s assume — again a massive assumption — the correct medications are prescribed. Let’s assume the dressings are correctly identified. Yes after all those assumptions, who will administer the medications? Who will do the dressings? Who will do the blood test? Should they not have nurses? You see my point? A party that is one-dimensional will see only one-dimensional in a country that is crying out for diversity.

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And on March 3rd, 2020, when all these fly-by-night parties inevitably fall by the wayside, a massive dumpsite, hopefully not recycled but rather buried or burnt, will be evident at our polling stations. Who will clear the electoral refuse that maybe too much for a one-legged city council. My humble advice to all the new political parties–including those in the germinating stage–do Guyana a favour: just allow us to apply the weedicide before it is too late. Frankly, you are effectively unnecessary weed amongst the well established ballot-day multicellular, photosynthetic eukaryotes of the kingdom plantae, translated to mean established electoral plants.

Dr Mark Devonish



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