It strikes as no surprise that some stores operated by non-nationals are now openly barring Guyanese from shopping there.
One does not have to be paranoid to observe the attitude of some foreigners who come here towards Guyanese.
I have been highlighting this issue for months now, but the authorities such as the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Ministry of Public Security, et al, have obviously viewed the practice by those foreign merchants as frivolous and have paid little heed. They will wait for Guyana to be overrun before taking remedial action.
A recent television report about the spate and prevalence of this practice further reveals the growing tenacity of some of those foreigners who seem to be trampling upon our native hospitality.
Several months ago it could be recounted that Guyanese shoppers were even physically abused, in separate incidents, by non-nationals of Asian descent for suspected and alleged shop-lifting.
About a week ago, I entered a certain store on Regent Street and was pricing a toy when the attendant oblivious of my ability to understand Spanish told the proprietor that I am Guyanese and quoted me a different price.
The same nonsense has been happening at the Georgetown Public Hospital Out-Patient’s clinic with the Hispanics.
Recently on a visit to Region#8, I had cause to upbraid an unruly Venezuelan national, who struck me and didn’t feel he owed me any apology. He got off lightly since I was attending to more important matters that day.
Ironically, certain individuals and media houses, for their own ulterior motives, have been imprudently seeking to vilify a select migrant group that pose no real threat nor inconvenience to this country while seemingly complicit or comfortable embracing those who would chew and spit them out.
Guyanese should not become hostile nor xenophobic towards foreigners, but synchronously resist any attempt by non-nationals to treat ourselves with contempt or become aliens in our own country. This is our turf. We cannot go anywhere else in the world and pull such ridiculous stunts.


Yours faithfully,
Orette Cutting (Mr.)



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