There is a penalty for besmirching one’s integrity

Dear Editor,
BHARRAT Jagdeo, Leader of the PPP/C party, has always behaved in a disrespectful manner towards citizens whom he targets; with the attendant attribute of bullyism, as he attempts to underline his lies, misinformation, and fake news against targeted citizens; and even members of the President David Granger administration, whenever he intends to besmirch their character.

It cannot be the usual adversarial politics when such a political leader, or any politician of his ilk, seeks to attribute corrupt conduct to a minister of the government, without supplying the requisite proof as evidence of such a devious accusation.


A few days ago, the Minister within the Ministry of Housing emphatically debunked another of Jagdeo’s infamous assembly line of scurrilous lies, peddled against her at one of his now noted rant-and-rave news sessions where anyone seeking to become versed in the devious art of grand political deceptions and lies can tune in for audio edification. Of course, Minister Ferguson branded him a “pathological liar”, as she waved evidence of her only home ownership, in the form of a transport, approved during the PPP/C regime.

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But one must congratulate the indomitable Charles Ceres, renowned geo-technical engineer, for not only being among a party of prominent AfroGuyanese citizens who took a public stand against the now documented Jagdeo accusation that this progressive Guyanese, in addition to the others, had been involved in a “land grabbing scheme”’ in the aftermath of the No-Confidence Motion (NCM); but also making good on his promise to file suit for libel and defamation, despite Jagdeo’s “I am daring him to do this……’’ bluff, which Ceres did call, with an eventual lawsuit against the Guyana Times, as the agent publishing Jagdeo’s lies against Ceres et al, and which the Court has ruled in Ceres’ favour.


This was a classic example, of Jagdeo attempting to bludgeon Ceres’ public exposure of the latter’s lies; and his declared intention to file suit. It did not succeed, because Ceres decided that he was going to defend his and family’s honour and his personal integrity, and reputation through the courts. The court has vindicated his position. And there are other similar matters that are due to be heard soon, involving Jagdeo and another publishing agent.

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It is time that Jagdeo and his publishing agents understand that there is a penalty for attempting to bring citizens’ personal reputation and integrity into disrepute. Charles Ceres has shown how to deal with the likes of Jagdeo and his lies.



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