The President of Guyana (Elduncifya Goat) says Guyana does not have extrajudicial killings. Dear Mr. President a list of a few extrajudicial killings in Guyana.
First a definition extrajudicial killing
“An extrajudicial killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process.”
The police fits the definition of a “governmental authority,” so too is the military and prison service.
List of a few people killed by the Guyana Police Force and years they were killed
Cecil Sampat August 7, 2020
Shemroy Bouyea, Ron Somerset, and Allan Lewis July 18, 2012
Dameon Belgrade October 5, 2012
Shaquille Grant September 11, 2012
Michael London February 9, 2002
Marlon Fredericks January 2018
Teon Maxwell April 6, 2006
Mark Johnson March 9, 2006
Orin Boston, September 2021
Steve Grant, John Bruce, and Antoine Huston July 31, 2001
Shaka Blair 2002
Mark Britton January 25, 1999 (last seen in police custody at Brickdam Police Station and never seen again).
Peter Headley May 15, 2021
So when the president of Guyana stands in front of reporters and claims Guyana never had a problem with extrajudicial killings and we cannot go back to what never happened, he lied.
We may have our politics and our favorite political parties, but it does not serve Guyana when its Head of State lies about things that can be verified with a simple Google search.
The President lied about race relations in Guyana when his political party has a rich history of racism and racial discrimination against Blacks and exploits race for political gains—all political parties do but the PPP are kings. When upon immediate ascension to office over 900 Black professionals were fired for no other reasons than being Black and suspected supporters of the now opposition.
If I was a journalist in Guyana I would have asked him at the next presser to explain the killings listed above and if he knows what constitutes extrajudicial killing.
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