Rose Hall Town liquor and gambling shop operating in blatant breach of Covid-19 rules

The coronavirus crisis is getting worse on a daily basis and the Government has introduced a curfew from 6am to 6pm in an effort to turn the tide. I am quite certain that the Government expects the Police Force to be the enforcer of this curfew. Sadly in the township of Rose Hall Town the Police Force has been turning a blind eye to the situation .A popular liquor and gambling shop which is less than two hundred yards from the Rose Hall Town Police outpost, every day breaks the curfew in the full view of the lawmen. Dozens of gamblers every day lock themselves in the shop to consume alcohol, play dominoes competitions, play pool and indulge in their favorite pastime of gambling on cricket, horse racing etc.


Dozens of cars from all over Berbice are parked on the roadway in front of the venue including those of law enforcement officers, late into the night. It is common knowledge that the owners of the gambling shop have a close relationship with some senior officers, who intervene on their behalf when the Outpost tries to implement the Government curfew. What was very shocking is that while the police were about to raid another venue in Rose Hall, all the cars in the front of this particular shop, suddenly disappeared for a while and then returned afterward when the other raid was completed. My friend who owns the raided venue stated that he was informed that the other party was informed of the raiding exercise and told to go away for that time by their friends in the force. A visit to the said venue found them still drinking and gambling two hours after the curfew time and at least a dozen cars on the road, in full view of the Police.

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It is my sincere hope that the Police Force high command in the city looks into this sickening situation and corrects it. With dozens of persons gambling in a closed shop, it can make the Covid-19 problem worse as no one is following the mask and wash hands rules. The Commissioner and the Home Affairs Minister should also look into the conduct of some senior officials in Berbice, who are fully aware of the situation but are turning a blind eye. My friend’s shop was raided because he had no connections.


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