IN an article written by me and published in the Stabroek News dated 3rd June, 2020 and captioned “Recount is not about simple numbers but a more complex and complete evaluation,” I presented factual evidence to buttress the claim as captured in the headline of said letter in response to the effrontery of the European Union Ambassador Fernando Ponz Canto suggesting, in spite of the very glaring evidence of electoral fraud and corruption discovered in every region, that “it was impossible to cheat”.

It was disappointing after presenting irrefutable evidence extracted from an easily accessible public document found on the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) website, outlining the legal defining characteristics of the recount that I was forced to respond to a misleading editorial commentary to reiterate, “The gazetted Order of 4th May, 2020 speaks to a National Recount, and this specifies areas of particular focus for review. It is not your call, my call, or any other but GECOM to stipulate at this point (or at any point) what the recount focus is, and what, therefore, must be reported on. Clearly, this key issue has been missed. Efforts by many to misrepresent the Recount is noted.” (3rd June).

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The foregoing comment was made in response to the misleading “Editor-in-Chief’s note: The so-called anomalies raised by APNU+AFC agents in these observation reports have no basis. They are fishing expeditions. One of the most egregious claims by APNU+AFC was the supposed non-stamping of the ballots of the Disciplined Services which Mr. Lewis interestingly avoids mentioning. This is a recount, not an audit, or an election petition. The GECOM Chair is duty-bound to declare the recount result, and to do so expeditiously.”


This seemingly simple editorial note is an act of suppression; it is misleading, and an attempt not to acknowledge the very profound aspects of the Order that determine the nature of the recount, designed and agreed to by GECOM as a means of ascertaining credibility. The readership is reminded that it was Anil Nandlall, former PPP/C Attorney-General, who opined that “fraud, once committed, makes everything a nullity…ab initio”. The Opposition having agreed to the specifics of the Order is now changing its voice, and so are those specific international agents whom we must now call international dictators espousing a vulgar diplomacy.


The editor and the newspaper were wrong; not wrong to editorialise, for that is the prerogative of ownership, but wrong in their use of editorial power to misrepresent public information. In so doing, they fool a large cross-section of the Guyanese community and world at large. I submit that this is not accidental; it represents glaring support of an organised campaign to discredit certain views, and the persons who make them, thus making them less than credible in the eyes of the reading public.


It sets out the pillars of destabilisation of the truth of the 2020 Elections and the recount which the Opposition and international dictators are seeking to use as a foundation for clandestine machinations at regime change by any means necessary. I again remind readers of the Organisation of American States (OAS)’s role in the Bolivia story, and what is taking place politically in the countries that form the Guianas oil basin. Venezuela, Guyana, and most recently, the exposure of OAS ignorance and/or disregard for Surinamese laws.

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There is an organised effort by several actors in and out of Guyana who speak from the same script, to present an impression of many sources, in support of the Opposition and denouncing GECOM. It is not lost on a large section of the Guyanese community that there is a political warfare being waged among the contesting parties of the 2020 elections. It is also obvious that some mainstream media have formed an alliance to influence domestic and international understanding of Guyana’s politics and electoral reality. There is serious concern about said role in these delicate times. Only time will tell the fruit Guyana will reap from what has been sowed.
Lincoln Lewis


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