Arfran Ali

By: Jeewan Arun Persaud

Irfaan’s Bogus Education Certificates is a national and international embarrassment to the PPP jeopardizing the party’s chance at winning the next election on March 2. Jagdeo personally selected Irfaan as Presidential candidate; Jagdeo threatened members of the party’s Central Committee that if they didn’t vote for Irfaan, he would fire them from jobs at Freedom House or deny them a parliamentary seat. They were forced to vote for Irfaan for political and or economic survival. Irfaan’s fraudulent degrees and certificates are matters of public ridicule for himself and PPP. Voters have cited education fraud as the reason for not voting for him and the PPP. Thus, PPP will lose.
Irfaan dropped out of the University of Guyana. But he printed himself a certificate saying he received a Bachelors Degree from a non-existent college on West Coast. He used this fake certificate to apply for and get a scholarship to India where he did a short course of nine months and claims he received a Conditional Masters Degree from an unknown college; a real Masters Degree takes two years.
Irfaan used the Conditional Master’s Degree to gain admission to UWI (Trinidad) in a doctoral program on urban development. He never attended classes at UWI, a minimum mandatory requirement to meet qualifications to receive a PhD. A minimum requirement for PhD is a course in Methodology (statistics and the procedure of doing research and writing a dissertation – a minimum of 250 pages book like paper). Irfaan is not known to attend classes at UWI. He did not leave Guyana for any length of time to sit through a four months course. How did he attend classes? How did he master the contents of the course? When did he take exams in courses?
Irfaan never wrote any articles in the public domain. He was never known to be intellectually articulate on any subject matter. Every PhD course requires paper and written exams. How did he develop the skill to write papers in courses? How did he write a 250 pages dissertation? Who wrote the dissertation for him? Jacob Opadeyi and Pacha have a lot to answer for in perpetuating this fraud on Guyanese and UWI. The professor who wrote the dissertation can’t be the professor who supervises it and who sits as the examiner. That is academic fraud.
What message is being sent to young minds who have to struggle through classes and exams in order to achieve a degree when a person who is supposed to be a role model acquires a Bachelors, Masters, and PhD through fraud? Others earn their degrees the honest way. How can these intellects look up to an academic fraud? How can such a cheating person even think of running for President? And how can he be a role model even if elected as President? Which educated young mind will vote for such a person? Why is Jagdeo foisting that scamp and fraud on the population? Irfaan will be defeated. Why is Jagdeo going ahead with this big risk that will be a setback to supporters of PPP?

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BY Jeewan Arun Persau



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