Melly Mel, wrote “Just watched irfraud on critics live, well da was de best laugh so far ??????

A man with nineteen alleged criminal charges telling people that we need to find a way to deal with criminals (when he is a whole criminal he self).


Irfraude said we need to protect our borders? when they were willing to give away a part of Guyana to Venezuela. Issa full ? show.

Talking but a man with 50 trucks int getting wuk under this administration. Da man want some tight f@#king lashes. They got people int got nothing to eat right not that can’t find a job.


Talking but he gone give out 50, 000 house lot ( ya mean to all ya friends like ya did when yall were in power). How many of these house lots you intend to make available to Guyanese at the price ya sell them land at Prado Ville fa?

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But he bringing back the sugar industry. To sell it to who dumbo?


Talking but read the manifesto? bitch yall give we 23 years of manifestosssssss and int ever do shit that was listed there. Having a manifesto and actually executing what’s in the manifesto is a different story. Just shut up?‍♀️

Not one direct question was answered as it relates to poor people and unemployment but ya going and beg these people to vote fa yall. “Talking about critical evaluation of this government”?‍♀️ irfraud please don’t even go there. Bharrat should write you speech before you go on critic show.


Spend the entire morning being evasive and int answer one question satisfactory. Seriously though, this man is a presidential candidate.

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Jesus take the whole election ??‍♀️?”



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