Dear Editor,
Dr. Kirk Meighoo’s October 18, 2019 article in the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora News – icdn, using his statistical analysis — Turkeyn Research and Polling Institute (TRPI) and putting his professional reputation on the line, states that Irfaan Ali is the only PPP/C candidate who could not defeat President Granger in a general election.

Getting this information, Dr. Ali could have increased his party’s likelihood of winning the 2020 election by magnanimously resigning, and having his party select a candidate whose success was more statistically viable.  Instead, the PPP/C chose a different path.
On February 26, 2020, the icdn published an opinion piece stating that “Irfaan Leads Granger in Latest Opinion Poll”.  One would expect this “opinion poll” to be named for credibility, so that it would assure the PPP/C constituents of a victory.  However, no “opinion poll” was named, which suggests that the information is groundless.

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According to the mystery poll, “Dr. Ali is an electoral juggernaut, while Granger is an unpopular leader…”  And while tooting praise for Dr. Ali, and disparaging President Granger, the article concludes:  “On purely hard-headed electoral grounds, and a free and fair election, Ali will be the next President. Evidence points to a plan to rig the elections.”  This last line shows irresponsible editorship. Furthermore, this statement, even though disgusting and troubling, reverberates with disdain for the electoral process and all (local and international observers) who are working to ensure that the rules are followed.  It shows the Opposition’s playbook promotes discord within our nation.

Now, as half the nation waits in discontent, please review the statistical analysis of Dr. Meighoo and what it portends – the PPP/C could not win the elections with Dr. Ali as their candidate.  At the same time, the Coalition was not complacent with Dr. Meighoo’s statistics.

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The PPP/C vote was not predicted to show any significant increase.  This allowed the Coalition to calculate the number of new voters they needed, to concentrate their resources to register new voters, and to ensure their voters vote on Election Day.  This may be a bitter and disappointing pill, but Dr. Meighoo’s analysis of the numbers indicated a PPP/C loss.  Sadly, the PPP/C chose to ignore the numbers, and its constituents once again suffer the loss.

Stanley Niamatali


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