Dear Editor,

Violence is a serious public health problem that is abnormally high and chronic in our culture. It is probably a leading cause of death in this country, and it is largely driven by a lack of respect for human lives. Our dysfunctional politicians thrive on such inappropriate attitudes. They encourage their supporters to disrespect, threaten and hurt those who speak out about their wrong doings.
In particular, the PPP/C Government has been engaging in exactly this. And one of its leaders is the main architect on this issue given the way he handles it. We all know how the PPP/C is quick to point out this problem when the APNU/PNC does it. This is all wrong. Unfortunately, Rishi Bharrat, a well-known Hindu priest and countless others lost their lives to violence because of the stance of the PPP/C Government. Also, when it comes to domestic violence, the PPP/C Government instigates this problem too. Glaringly, there are many in this government who disrespect and mistreat women. Our citizens model inappropriate actions by this government and as such domestic violence in large part escalates under the PPP/C.
Further, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security is unable to handle problems of violence and domestic violence. The magnitude of these problems, together with how the ministry handles them, indicates that this ministry remains clueless about the root causes driving violence. Moreover, I do not see how the police force can alleviate domestic violence at all, given the level of corruption within this entity. Violence in general and domestic violence in particular are complex issues driven by multiple variables and they can be tackled by starting to change the mentality within the PPP/C Government. This is a good place to start in addressing these issues.
PPP/C leadership does not respect our lives enough to appoint candidates with the required qualifications to run this ministry. How can a medical doctor serve this ministry? The PPP/C Government needs to treat us right. The Vice President cannot selectively call out political appointments within the APNU/PNC only. This is all wrong.
All in all, the entire dynamics in this country illustrates that the PPP/C Government is unable to tackle the issue of violence when it is also fuelling such a problem and when it does not possess the brainpower to tackle such a problem. We have already suffered for 24 years under this government and our pain continues.

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Dr. Anne Baliram


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