Dear Editor,

PLEASE allow me to remind readers that it was only recently the so called fraud expert Sam Sittlington declared that all of the evidence in the SOCU fraud and money- laundering matters have been destroyed, lost or missing and as a result, APNU+AFC should forget seeking justice against the PPP leaders such as Irfaan Ali, charged with fraud.


However, in a matter of days following Sittlington’s disturbing comments, the local courts convicted a former GRDB accountant on one of 39 fraud charges.

Immense credit to all the brave prosecutors, witnesses and the police. However, the real but sadly forgotten hero in this rare success for SOCU is the former British Special Investigator Ms Sheronie James, who everyone familiar with the case will tell you was 100% responsible for compiling all of the evidence in this case that led to Mr Ramcharran’s extradition to Guyana and subsequent conviction on the first of 39 fraud charges he is facing.
The wise among us understand why SOCU’s now most successful investigator departed under apparent duress from SOCU, after it was discovered that she was about to bring several charges in matters involving substantial money-laundering and fraud cases.
The PPP-aligned forces used FAKE News and SMEAR to discredit SOCU’s most successful investigator to save their skins, but they will realize that God does not sleep.

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Never again will Jagdeo and the PPP be able to claim that in almost five years since the coalition took power there has been no evidence to secure a conviction of fraud or money laundering that occurred under their watch. There are still 38 more charges to be heard under this one investigation. This conviction proves that the coalition was not involved in a witch hunt.

We hope APNU realises the evil that forced SOCU’s most successful investigator to leave SOCU are still very much alive and kicking.



Avinash Persaud


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