Dear Editor
ABSOLUTELY, I agree with Remington Nelson’s description of the Charandass perfidy in his letter “If the coalition loses the 2020 elections then deception wins,” Guyana Chronicle of December 24, 2019, as “…the classic Judas act…” There could not have been a more expressive description with which to describe the greatest-ever act of political treachery, committed in the annals of this nation’s political history.

In fact, his description and well supported arguments, reminds one of a similar view expressed in “An act of political treachery”, Guyana Chronicle – December 25, 2018, mere days after the betrayal by Charandass of the party which he represented as a MP in the National Assembly; which he defended in the ensuing No Confidence Motion(NCM) debate in the House, AFTER which he finally plunged his criminally treacherous political knife into the back of all of his political colleagues – he never was their comrade – thus shedding their parliamentary blood.

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Ad Nauseam, this has been the biggest act of political deception; the greatest premised lie perpetrated to have brought about such a parliamentary motion in a plot to remove a duly elected government, which performance in the renewal of a wrecked economy could not have been faulted, for all that it would have achieved since 2015.

It has to be recorded as well, as the biggest hoax to have been perpetrated upon the nation, IN THE NAME OF LEGISLATIVE DEMOCRACY and which was supported by persons who ought to have known better, but instead chose political opportunism, instead of principles. It was the high point of a filthy plot against the government that commenced immediately after its ascension; and as time went by, those dark hands that piloted its evil machinery, laid bare their UNMISTAKABLE AGENDAS, by constantly off-loading their lies and deceptions to support their vile political machinations. But that was all they knew, and still know, having been the chief architects of a system of governance which existed on a bed of continuous lies and deceptions, as they plundered the State.

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One only has to examine the present campaign content of the PPP/C, and discern that its only bed of refuge, and playing card, continues to be one of LIES! LIES! AND NOTHING

This is what the PPP/C’s pattern of governance has been about; continuing in its new political garment of parliamentary opposition, but finally exposed by the NCM, and all that followed, as its vile forces formed a phalanx, to distort the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) rulings for political ends. This was when DESPERATE DECEPTION reached its highest point in such barefaced challenges to already enshrined judicial laws. But it has one brand, and one interpretation – DECEPTION, all the way. However, it must be defeated by moral-minded Guyanese who believe in honest government, headed by an honest Head of State.
Therefore, the nation has a duty to finally defeat the dark perils of political deception, and its portents which can only set this nation back. Guyana is gradually being removed from the jaws of this stranglehold which has damaged its socio-moral fabric, with all the negative implications which have been laid bare. I therefore agree with Remington Nelson’s view. It underlines, the greater urgency, in ensuring that DECEPTION IS DEFEATED COME March 2020, and not be allowed to continue in the life of this nation.


Earl Hamilton



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