Dear Editor,
I am concerned. I hesitated before, gave some time and space; but can’t anymore. I detect already the troubling, the devastating, taking firm hold of this sickly, poor little rich boy of a land. The Orin Boston killing drove me to this place, as I recognize an early return to the bad ole days of PPP/C reign. Because this is Guyana, the evergreens of yesterday would be considered good by many enraptured citizens.
We have had street executions, which can be called nothing else. I don’t think that any names should be needed, especially that one right near to the official residence of the head of state. If it is business as usual for His Excellency and cohorts – which could include intellectual authors – then all the little people can do is watch and learn. Grin and bear in silence, too. I would have thought that, given this insult to the beloved president (and his family), no matter how high the murderous trail led, perhaps would be accounted for, accommodated. I certainly did not expect the kind of accommodations at work on this one.
Then, with the execution (what else is it, please?) of Mr. Boston, there is the resurrected jumbie of excessive (to put kindly) or extrajudicial (more bluntly) force by the police. I always thought that SWAT ops were for extraordinary situations. Whether it was or wasn’t, it is frightening. Because I am aware of another situation of approx. a month ago, where a home was invaded, people stripped, guns placed at heads, and a child left traumatised. Nobody died. It is in the broader police domain, but not yet in the public one, so I stop. My point is: could there be the beginnings of the old pattern? I can’t wait to see what the police professionals come up with for public consumption. Not the real police, but the police PR pros around for just such circumstances. Guyanese should brace themselves against fainting from the farces that are sure to surface. One did already. It was named ‘confrontation.’
Next, in one short rollicking year, there has been a tiny handful of enormous overseas drug busts. It is back to the future of yesterday with police investigating, tape tampering, men disappearing, official pretending. I appeal to my fellow Americans, including the much linguistically garlanded American Ambassador, we could use something other than this criminality of democracy. Come to think of it that would be free and fair, too. I recognise wasting breath, since there are different priorities nowadays, with money launderers and drug terrorists, and terrorist financing all ignored, back burner issues.
Last, there is one that never fully disappeared, which is noise pollution. It is peaking just in time for holidays. The police will have a lovely Christmas, as business promises to be bright. As for the neighbours, they have prayer. Heck, I just remembered: churches closed. To these, I add friendly colluding auditors, and understanding compliant courts. In sum, PPP golden oldies, aka democracy’s collateral.
GHK Lall

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