AFC leader – Minister of Public Security, VP Khemraj Ramjattan, recently opined that he is embarrassed by the unpreparedness of prosecutors to prosecute the Marcus Bisram murder case. He said he will pursue the matter with the DPP and the leadership of the judiciary.

Good. But where is Ramjattan’s indignation about the failure to prosecute Roger Khan? Is he not embarrassed by his and the Police’s failure to conduct a serious investigation into the phantom death squad murders allegedly masterminded by Roger Khan; including Ronald Waddell’s assassination? He and the Police had four years to investigate Khsn, and to gather evidence to prepare charges and a prosecution.


They had the option of gathering intelligence and court evidence from the US Federal government as well as from Khan’s New York trial. Federal agents and witnesses in the New York trial could have either flown to Guyana to present and/or affirm their testimony or done so via electronic mediums. Khan admitted to exporting narcotics from Guyana, a serious crime. You don’t need any other evidence. His plea agreement is the underlying evidence to charge exporting and distributing narcotics.

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The US government presented testimony in the New York trial that established Khan directed and oversaw Waddell’s assassination. Was this matter snd evidence pursuant with US authorities? The nstion has a right to know. We need accountability. This appalling negligence and dereliction constitute malfeasance.


The children of hundreds of Afro-Guyanese were systematically murdered with impunity. The alleged mastermind of this genocidal conspiracy is know but remains free. Yet no one has expressed embarrassment or anger. Look. Let me stop before I wrong talk here today. I support the coalition government. But I can’t support such fundamental and reckless dereliction of duty. Black lives matter!



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