My own experience should close the argument raised by the JAGDEOITES. They are “making a mountain out of a molehill”.
GECOM has moved my polling station to a Nursey school. It is a public place – away from a house owned by a PPP supporter. Some voters were forced to go into that building, because they had no choice. GECOM is slowly becoming an INDEPENDENT institution- where voters feel confident that it will deliver FAIR and FREE election. Free from fear.!
The JAGDEOITES are building up the momentum to declare the elections rigged against them. This is another issue they want to add to their armour of rigged elections.
The JAGDEOITES are promoting their loss by blaming it on an UNFAIR election process.
I had asked the question : ” After these rallies, what next”?? No answer.
The alienation of the JAGANITES has created a serious problem for JAGDEO.
UNITY of the activists is not achieved by imposing a discredited candidate.
Jagdeo’s idiotic tactic has backfired causing thousands of active members and supporters to abandon the campaign.
An inside source said one leading Jaganite is expected to openly oppose the Jagdeo bandwagon. If that happens – it will be a big blow-back to Jagdeo’s over ambitious prediction of being the next government.
By M. Jinnah Rahman

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