Inspiration for some comes from love of nature -Syeada Manbodh takes this trait to a whole new level

She is fierce, she is passionate and she strikes down the negative forces affecting the good within Guyana’s society. From animal and human rights to caring for the planet, she takes action to ensure the safety and well-being of everything around her.

Mrs. Manbodh works along with various animal rights groups such as Tails of Hope Guyana and The Rosewood Foundation to ensure that she never misses a hoot. Her partnerships allow her to be readily equipped and responsive when it comes to ensuring the safety of animals. Over the past 25 years she has rescued thousands of animals most of which were returned to their natural habitat.


As a result of her amazing contributions she has been recognized by various media outlets and was awarded a medal of service in 2018 for her work with animals, children and the environment. One of her proudest moment involved promoting local NGOs that now serve and protect both wild and domesticated animals. Her actions are untamed and she is filled with passion and love for the world. There is no hate, there is no shaming, just love.

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Most recently, she was integrally involved in a campaign to clean up the Guyana Kingston Seawall area since there has been high level of littering within that vicinity. She gives regular updates and shows her progress on a daily basis. She is a part of an amazing team that makes it their duty to keep the environment clean and maintains the comfortable and beautiful atmosphere of the Kingston Seawall.


She is nothing short of great, she protects, she seeks justice and she is actionable; traits of an inspirational member of society. Her advice to the young generation, “be the voice for change: decide what you want to do with your life and do it!” Her amazing story has truly proven that together we can truly transform the nature of Guyana’s society for the better.

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