This is how ( back in 2015) CHRIS RAM described, this failed ex-president… “Following the appointment of Jagdeo as Finance Minister the economy went into reverse, a trend which continued with his micro-management of the economy when he succeeded Janet Jagan as President in 1999.” Ram further stated… “Unfortunately for Guyana, ECONOMIC MISMANAGEMENT is not the only or worst failure of Jagdeo. He CONSISTENTLY VIOLATED the Constitution; UNDERMINED the judiciary; COMPROMISED public accounting and accountability; FACILITATED a network of slush funds; POLITICISED and DEBILITATED the public sector; gave Guyana the MOST EXPENSIVE river bridge crossing in the world; made PERSONAL and POLITICAL CORRUPTION into an art form; ELEVATED EXTRA-JUDICIAL KILLING into state policy in collusion with a drug kingpin; CRIPPLED the National Insurance Scheme; and his WORST political/economic sin of all: DESTROYED the sugar industry first by his MISCONCEIVED and mis-named Skeldon Sugar Modernisation Project and his mindboggling, BRAINLESS decision to give the construction of the factory to the Chinese.

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