Dear President Granger,

You were kind enough to release the various oil contracts that Guyana signed but were kept secret. We applaud your courage in doing so because we are aware of the resistance you faced within your government, in making these contracts public.
It is important to note that contract disclosure is not an unusual practice. In fact, there are thousands of Production Sharing Agreements (PSA) which are in the open for examination. Your decision to make the oil contracts public is therefore in keeping with this international practice and represents an important first step in ensuring public scrutiny of this critical industry.
The Liza 1 and Liza 2 Field Development Plans have been submitted to your government and a bill to the tune of US$10B is forthcoming. These plans have not been made public even though it is Guyana which will have to shoulder the projected US$10 Billion which will be reclaimed as development costs.
Mr. President, the public should be able to scrutinise the US$10 Billion field development costs in the same way as it was able to examine the Production Sharing Agreement.
It is only by dissecting these costs that the public will be satisfied that the nation is not being defrauded.
It is understandable that the field development plans would contain proprietary and other sensitive information. We see no reason, however, why a redacted version of the field developments plans should not be made public, inclusive of the inventory of the projected US$10 Billion costs.
This is necessary to ensure that the country is not being shortchanged as has been the experience with other investors operating in the bauxite, forestry and gold mining sectors.
Mr. President, we are therefore calling on you to make public, as soon as possible, a sanitised version of the Liza 1 and Liza 2 Field Development Plans.

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