Nigel Dharamlall: A reflections of PPPC practice of cronyism and nepotism President Irfaan Ali this week said in a Facebook post this week said that he has one be a just leader. He said that he has ordered his Cabinet members to do the same. These are comforting words coming from the President. The problem is that he needs to pay more attention to a number of his Cabinet members. They have not learned the lessons of 2015 when the PPPC lost their first elections in 23 years. It was clear the 2011 loss of a Parliamentary majority was not a warning sign. Fast forward to 2021, one would expect the Ali government to want to tread carefully and not repeat their mistakes. People are angry and cautious because of the pandemic and its fallouts. The perception of illegally handing out contracts is a reality with Minister of Local Government, Nigel Dharamlall making no pretense of open favoritism. He has been unilaterally pressuring his staffers to ensure family and friends benefit from contracts in his ministry. No one dares to refuse. One can remember early as a minister last year, when the Ali government was taking baby steps, how disclosures came that Dharamlall illegally played a role in ensuring his son who has a printing company benefitted from contracts. It was a major scandal with President Ali refusing to take action against his crooked minister. There are many more such underhand deals that Guyana will be appalled to hear about. Dharamlall has been mired in the past in rape allegations involving Amerindian girls in the hinterlands, an area in which he represents and campaign for the PPPC. He has been fingered as playing a role in the PETROCARIB rice deal a few years ago with Venezuela. He allegedly received millions of dollars as kickbacks. (More to come)

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