Dear Editor,

Our oil is being looted while Agriculture does not seem that important? Only a few politicians are benefiting from the oil bonanza and a few contractors seemed favoured at public works and agriculture. Guyana will be worse off in 15-20 years. Is this the vision of the President and Vice President?


Is the tendering process at Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) used to dismantle existing established contractors who refused to comply with unethical demands and business practices? Was tendering also used to embellish the businesses of favoured contractors as suggested in several letters and media editorials? How come several contractors suddenly emerged doing emergency works at NDIA and getting contracts without tendering process? How come contractors without track records (like building pump stations in Berbice) able to get emergency works without bidding process? Will these contracts be reviewed? Why the mad rush to make advance payments to (unqualified) contractors in Berbice?  Will substandard work be accepted? Is it true that the North Road drainage work and Cottage pump station being reserved for a contractor who employs a senior functionary at NDIA? How long will this glaring conflict of interest be allowed to continue?

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What actions will the President and Vice President take to clean up the MoA and Public Works? Who will make their heights in oil while agriculture is completely smashed?


Yours truly,
Budhram Singh


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