Guyanese should work on building immune systems to combat virus

Dear Editor,

I read online today @ updayUK that significant numbers of both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated persons have died from the new Delta variant. Let me hasten to say that my purpose is not to confirm or deny the report, nor am I against vaccination in general (though I’m certainly against compulsory vaccination).
My reason for penning these lines is to encourage persons to work on building their immune system, whatever their stand on vaccination may be! I know of several persons, both here and overseas, who were diagnosed with COVID-19, who successfully overcame it. In fact, when one friend received a positive COVID-19 reading at the Georgetown Hospital, she was told to isolate and use vitamin C. Shouldn’t there be public promotion of building the immune system as we all seek answers, and as those in authority struggle with finding solutions while relentlessly promoting ‘the jab’?
It may be a good idea to have mass distribution of mineral supplements such as zinc, vitamin C, etc. as we encourage persons to pay close attention to their diet. Just a thought.

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