Dear Editor,

Successive governments’ leaderships in Guyana have not been interested in creating a modern society. They are simply interested in the money and a jet-set lifestyle that they can live as a result. This is why companies, not just foreign, but local as well find it extremely difficult to do business in Guyana. This is because party hacks or friends and cronies are hired, who have no idea or interest in developing Guyana. The recent letter relating to GO-Invest is testimony to this. The fact that Demerara Distillers Ltd. has to publicly make a statement about the supply of molasses from GuySuCo is evidence of this mediocrity and incompetence.
One of the definitions of madness is attempting to do the exact same thing again and again and expect a different result. The entire public service is backward in the delivery of service. Some of those are also not only backward but partisan and make every effort to undermine the government’s programs. The current government is at a disadvantage in this regard. Yet for some reason that can only be attributed to madness, leaders continue to retain retired public servants who have failed, in senior positions or on state boards. They continue to promote those in the ministries/organizations, who were part of the backwardness for years. This act alone continues to propagate backwardness and incompetence. This is unacceptable to the citizens of Guyana.
The current government has acted like the previous. Got into office. Fired incompetent political appointees, which is correct. But then it proceeded to quickly appoint its own incompetent political cronies and incompetent friends. A case in point is the GUYOIL travesty. The GuySuCo window dressing. The GO-Invest drama unfolding. The backward claim by the EPA is that an environmental study is not required for the new Demerara River Bridge. It appears that the qualification for employment is to be a crony, be part of a failed organization for years, be a slick talker, be a clueless yes-man or yes-woman, a political grasshopper, or be of questionable integrity. So, the sloth in government continues. Never mind all the public relations hype about all the projects. Every single step in government takes forever to be executed because of inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and incompetence.

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Harrish Singh


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