Dear editor,
AS the time draws closer to elections 2020, promises and protests will be the hallmarks of the PPP/C’s campaign. They will use all their affiliates to ensure that they have the people out on the streets to join their protests and ensure that they continue to peddle lies and mostly to star in their deceptive ways.

For 23 years GAWU lost its voice for the workers in the sugar industry, all because they have to do what the PPP wants and that is to undermine and fool the sugar workers, so that they can have the support when elections come. GAWU should tell this nation as to why it joins with the PPP by never calling any protest when the doctor of doom closed down two sugar estates and left those workers and their families to suffer?. GAWU must also tell the nation and sugar workers that were robbed of their NIS contributions and pensions under PPP, where their monies went while no investigations were done and why they never called a major strike in this robbery case?.


GAWU should or must tell this nation and the sugar workers why the workers were misrepresented for 23 years and yet they were charged union dues for misrepresentation?.
GAWU should or must come clean and say under the PPP/C’s years in office, how many sugar workers’ cases it took up and how many it won?. They should also come clean and tell the nation, how many cases they sold out because they were commanded to stay quiet?. GAWU should or must tell the nation, why only Komal Chand is being chosen to lead GAWU as a PPP MP, but yet never once represented the workers in the sugar industry in the PPP’s 23-year-rule?.

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Brothers and sisters, let’s not blame the PPP too much for those things; that’s all part of their planning, to undermine and fool the sugar workers in this country and have them work as slaves in ensuring that when elections come around, they all support the PPP. I think the workers should be blamed for listening and believing the lies and deception of the PPP. The sugar workers should demand from GAWU refund of their dues for all the years of misrepresentation and very poor management of their affairs, or if I am to put it “SELLING


The PPP has a major role to play in all that happened to the sugar workers over the years because they are part and parcel with GAWU in ensuring that the workers suffer, no matter what. Today this very PPP is telling the nation and the world that they will re-open the estates that were closed down under this APNU+AFC government or educated words to be used for the PPP “DOWNSIZED” instead, because the sugar industry is alive and not shut down. Who will believe those words coming from the PPP? The only people who will believe that the statement of re-opening the estates are the people that are being brain- washed and cannot think for themselves.

But the story didn’t end there, because if the PPP is saying they will re-open the estates that this government closed down, it must also tell the nation if they are going to re-open the two estates they shut down when they were in government. So, it’s all a gimmick, but I won’t blame Irfaan Ali because his string holder who is directing the puppet and pulling its strings is saying that re-opening the sugar industry is not viable financially, but economically it will be. (Please note – I did not say doctor because the man is yet to prove his qualifications to this nation).


So, in other words, the PPP is telling the nation, especially the sugar workers listen, those things (estates) are not going to bring in money and can be shut down anytime, “BUT” we want to fool you because elections coming and economically (big words) we will take lots of monies from the treasury like what we uses to do for ensuring the structure is there to fool you and we make profits for ourselves, families, friends, and cronies. So, the PPP re-opening of the estates is sheer nonsense, because they failed to manage the said estates and industry for 23 years and now want to tell this nation that they have learnt how to manage the said industry better.

How can they learn in the last five years to manage the sugar industry better when they cannot even produce the transcripts and prove the qualifications of their presidential candidate? The only thing they can prove for Ali is the charges against him to date. Brothers and sisters in Guyana, especially. Sugar workers, don’t be fooled again by the PPP; you were fooled too many times in the 23 years of the PPP and please sit and think for yourself as to the nonsense the PPP is telling you.

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Sugar workers are educated people and don’t allow the PPP to enslave you again by them now coming around and promising you things. Think for yourself that in 23 years when sugar was making a profit, the PPP never gave you raises of pay yearly, but rather a handout and you all deserve better in those 23 years. Today the PPP & GAWU are taking you from your day’s earnings to protest for raise of pay when the sugar industry is falling apart because of their bad management of the industry for 23 years.

GAWU AND the PPP want TO USE YOU THE SUGAR WORKERS AND THEN DROP YOU LIKE BOMBS as THEY DID IN 23 YEARS. Brothers and sisters, let’s not be fooled. Let’s continue to support this APNU+AFC government in ensuring that progress continues. Let’s continue to show our support for this government because it did a lot more, especially making the sugar industry viable by making the right decisions and didn’t fool you, because one day it would fall and never rise again.


Let’s support this unity government and come 2 March, 2020, vote APNU+AFC, because it’s a government for all; and please look around and not only at sugar, but in the other sectors such infrastructure, education, security, social services, agriculture, health, etc as to the vast developments that took place since 2015 to date under this government.

Abel Seetaram
RDC Councillor
Region Five



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