Dear Editor,

SO, Jagdeo has announced that he may assemble a Commission of Inquiry into the deaths of over 400 African Guyanese so as to clear his name.


One does not have to wonder at, or debate, this latest attempt at feigning responsibility by the Leader of the Opposition on a matter of critical moral import that continues to cast a dark spiritual pall over the land, for the grief and pain that the families of the many victims still feel.

This is unadulterated deception by Jagdeo on a dark chapter of this country’s history that he oversaw, with great indifference and which did not bother or interest him, since the victims of these unexplained deaths were perceived not to be from his constituency base, and therefore were not going to cost him or his party, politically. Moreover, there is no public record existing from that time, that speak of any expression of concern that should emanate from a head of state/government in such unnatural circumstance, about the frequency of a kind of unexplained action that were causing the deaths of citizens within the jurisdiction over which he had once exercised executive authority.

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But what Jagdeo is seeking to do by such an insulting announcement that amounts to no more than a chilling disrespect and offensive disregard to African Guyanese, is to fraudulently lay claim to the moral high road in a very serious matter of national import to African Guyanese, pretending care; but, at the same time, seeking to wriggle his way out of the murderous responsibility which must be his and former government.

Why only now with such an investigation? And who Jagdeo believes he can fool with another gambit, designed to garner the votes of African Guyanese? He should begin by explaining his former government delegating its authority to a then minister for the purchase of a high tech equipment – that could only be purchased by the State-which was used in tracking citizens who, when located, were then executed; the instructions that ordered the release of an armoured vehicle, in which the infamous lap top tracking device and arms cache were found by army personnel, along with the occupants whose subsequent charges were dismissed at an East Coast magisterial district; as well the instructions to disband the GDF’s intelligence unit following their interception of the said armoured vehicle and arms.

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Jagdeo’s explanation must also include an explanation of convicted narco-trafficker, Roger Khan’s newspaper advertisement in which he claimed to have assisted the PPP/C government to defend the state against the threat of criminals. There can be no denial of such a claim, since Khan’s gunmen, according to testimony at his New York trial, tagged him as giving the orders for the executions of activist Ronald Waddell and boxing trainer Donald Allison.

Since all these high voltage criminal incidents took place during a period of the tenure of Jagdeo’s former regime, then there is no argument as to where the moral responsibility lies. Editor, only the immoral minded and immorally insensitive will claim non-existence/no knowledge of the bloody period of 2002-2006. For, there is an abundance of evidence that is privy to many citizens about many of these murders and related activities. However, it is the absence of their testimony, because of the prevailing fear factor, which now allows Jagdeo to brazenly talk about ‘clearing his name’.
Earl Hamilton

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