Dear Editor,
I HAVE listened to His Excellency President David Granger who stated categorically during an interview that he wants to see an educated nation.

This would entail less school dropouts, more persons would have the opportunity to have an education and so forth. I endorse government’s efforts to ensure that every child gets the opportunity to benefit from the education system through the Five Bs initiative.
It is my hope that we have persons who can represent us on the world stage, and persons who can lead in the development of our nation after they would have received an education in our dear land.


While the statistics of the number of persons who have dropped out of schools is alarming, efforts are being made to ensure that figure is at an all-time low. The Secondary Competency Certificate Programme (SCCP) seeks to improve students’ attendance, reduce school dropouts, shore-up equity and enhance quality and relevance in the area of technical and vocational education.

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During the tenure of the previous administration, much emphasis was not placed on the acquisition of quality education, particularly among our young people. This, to my mind, has impeded the quality of people who work in the public sector and represent us on the international stage. Guyana is becoming an oil-producing nation and the onus is on us to produce persons of reputable character and a sound, quality education.


George Goring



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