On the topic of Direct Cash Transfer, in addition to what I wrote in a recent letter, I would like to respond to all those who are saying that poor people do not know how to spend money; will waste the money in “sporting” and will end up back to square one after a few days.
To those people, I will say you do not know what you are talking about. People who are living in poverty are the best economists in this country, who know how to stretch a dollar to make ends meet, and if any remains, to save for rainy days.
Do not insult the intelligence of poor people. All they need is some help to lift them out of poverty. Every day we see billions and billions of dollars being wasted and squandered on projects that are of no value to poor people, but when it is suggested that some money be spent on the poor to lift them out of poverty, that’s a big problem in this country.
And this brings me to the question of who owns the oil, the gold, the diamonds, the bauxite and the timber of this country…the politicians or the people? What gives the politicians the right to decide what the people want? If the politicians want to know what the people think about Direct Cash Transfer, let them do a survey or a referendum. They would be shocked at the findings.
Our coming oil wealth is our best chance of lifting our people out of poverty and to offer them the good life that our politicians and the elite are enjoying in this country.
I would like to take this opportunity to call on President David Granger, Dr. Irfaan Ali, Mr. Ralph Ramkarran, Mr. Robert Badal and Mr. Lenox Shuman to state clearly their position on Direct Cash Transfer so, as I mentioned in my last letter, the silent majority, the poor, the needy, the elderly and the pensioners of this country, will know how to vote at the next elections. I submit this issue will define the March 2020 elections.
Yours Faithfully,
Imtiaz Baccus

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