Dear Editor,

At the rate some government officials are accumulating wealth, before the term of office is over, they will be billionaires in American dollars terms. Not too long ago, money disappeared from the scrap metal royalties – did the money end up in Dubai or a nearby country or in the US, UK, Canada?


I appeal to the Foreign Embassies in Guyana to please have an audit done on wealth accumulation of ministers of government and other high officials in their respective countries. Is it possible to also find out how much wealth (properties, businesses, and cash) is stored in Middle Eastern countries where there is virtually no access to information? Secrecy of wealth, ill-gotten loot and money laundering are highly protected in the Middle East. Is Guyana’s wealth and gold money invested or stored in the Middle East? Is this why we are very cozy with Middle Eastern countries?

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Once the information on wealth accumulation of government officials is obtained, can it be publicly released?


Yours truly,
Jillian Adams


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