Dear Editor
I AM happy and sufficiently satisfied that the coalition government has finally exposed the Demerarawaves news site for what it is and continues to be: a filthy piece of news rag, which has been shamelessly a part of the media plot in the larger PPP/C propaganda fabric of attempting to foment national strife through misinformation, distortions, and fake news.
In fact, this particular news site is noticeably the first on any PPP/C public protest. And this is in addition to ensconcing PPP/C bloggers, such as “Ex-PPP man”, expressing some of the nastiest racist sentiments against a section of the nation’s populace.
That there has been a swift counter to yet another disgraceful and perverted example of opposition- affiliated reporting, is a satisfying indication that the government’s PR is in full alert mode, as it should be for counter response.
This same site has been cited in your columns for deliberately slanted news headlines in a few letters; and this was as recent as last month, in a letter, in which its identity had been stated, but removed in the eventual printed piece. And though one may perhaps understand the reluctance to publish letters which may be critical of a media house in a sister print medium, it is only right that when there is good cause to do so that such be done in the interest of truth and probity, which must never be sacrificed for sentimental reasons.
The Demerarawaves report smelled from the moment it came on line. There was never a doubt that the author of this most dishonest piece of attempted whitewashing on behalf of the PPP/C, could have written and published such a document while in the employ of the State Department. Further, there was no doubt that he was operating on behalf of a desperate PPP/C, seeking to re-create its image. But up to now there has not been a formula for such specie of political leopards to change their spots!
The editorial manager of Demerarawaves is one of the local media’s most experienced operators, who had led the Guyana Press Association on a number of occasions and gave public statements about the media from time to time. So there can be no claim to not being cognisant of the disingenuous tactic of cherry-picking for such a particular publication, and what such is intended to convey and achieve at this time, in this kind of society.
But this is what such news sites have been doing since 2015, in the true mould of bedding with known, highly corrupted and desperately dishonest politicians for the licentious purposes of assisting in their rehabilitation, while whitewashing their shameful, shocking and venal history of criminal governance, well chronicled. One wonders what price have such a category been offered to abandon professional journalism. But, is it worth whatever price for such an immoral practice, which can do no good for fair and balanced journalism and young journalists, as examples?
Earl Hamilton





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