Bharrat, I have been politically conscious longer than your age in life. To be precise, I have been in active politics for more than 65 years, not as a member, supporter or well-wisher but as an “Activist” in a “Political Party” that once had seven Ministers in a Coalition government. The leader of my “party” at that time was the Minister of Finance. In that “Coalition” one of the Ministries we held was the Ministry of Hydraulics and Works, that Minister was Mohamed Kasim.
Bharrat, like myself I admire your dedication and I even am sometimes at wits ends with my fellow “Street Politicians” when I defend your attitude, by publicly saying that you “Bharrat” are an astute politician who knows and accept that we must always try to keep our political opponents, adversaries “on the defensive”. I have seen and observed this attitude of yours for many years. I could remember you as Finance Minister challenging President Desmond Hoyte to a debate but reading your party’s newspaper dated Sunday December 15, 2019, when you got into Queens, New York and claimed that “We Guyanese are Hungry” and have become “Hungry” since you “lost power in 2015” has convinced me that you have “stepped out of line”. You seem desperate, you seem to be out of control, you seem to be one who would use anything at your disposal to regain power.
Bharrat after you said what you said in Queens, you were not criticising politicians like yourself, you were insulting our people, you were giving investors the opinion that our people are starving and would bend down and devour the crumbs that are dropping from the Master’s table.
Bharrat I have a wife and son and have never been hungry during your time in office and we have never been hungry during this present Government’s four years in office.
I grew up being the eldest of 13 children during my early childhood. There were times when things were “brown” but my siblings and I survived. People go hungry when they don’t spend wisely, it’s not only in Guyana alone but universal. What do you expect to gain politically both locally and universally by making these degrading statements? I am not PPP but where is the young man who attained presidency at a young age that I admired because of his radicalism. Bharrat, you have now become an infinitesimal man who is grabbing at any and everything.
Where is Bharrat Jagdeo, the professional, the astute politician…you have embarrassed me, my family and all Guyanese. You are giving them the thinking that we are contended with whatever is offered. Bharrat you came out of indentureship, my people came out of slavery and we fought for our freedom. Yes Bharrat, you have let me down.
Murtland “Slugger” Williams



  1. Well said and bharrat jagdeo neither have i ever been hungry under your presidency and i am not not….why you so blasted wicked…you thiunk that your parent left this countruy with me and others in it for you?….boy look…i feel sorry foh you

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