Several drank poisonous substance believed to be cure for COVID-19

43-y-o Muriel Edwards, of Princeville, Potaro/Siparuni, is now dead after she consumed a poisonous substance they believe could cure COVID-19.

One of the family members died of COVID-19 recently.


Several other family members also drank the poisonous  substance used for fishing.

 The juice is extracted from a vine and is used to poison fish. It is also used to consume in a small quantity mixed with water for medicinal purposes to treat tuberculosis and high blood pressure.


Sometime after consuming the substance, the deceased began to vomit and fell unconscious.

The victim was rushed to the Mahdia District Hospital and was later pronounced dead on arrival.


The other two family members also complained about feeling unwell and were later taken to the said hospital where they were seen and examined by a doctor on duty and treated and sent away.

The body of the deceased was examined but no marks of violence were seen on the most exposed parts of her body.

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A post mortem examination was done today and the cause of death was ruled inconclusive.

Samples were taken and dispatched to the lab for further testing.




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