SENNA ALATA(Ringworm bush in English and Asunwon ibile/oyinbo in yoruba)

Ringworm bush is widely used as a traditional medicine, particularly valued for its laxative effect and its effective treatment of several skin conditions, including ringworm and scabies.


Apart from just a laxative and treatment of skin conditions, we will explore some other health benefits.

Senna alata for Gonorrhea: Senna alata is one of the medicinal plant that treats chronic gonorrhoea, use the leaves to prepare yam porridge and give it to the patient with gonorrhoea. Repeat the process every 2 days for up to 7 times to treat chronic gonorrhoea.


You can as well extract the juice using little water; put little potash (kahun bilala). Give the patient half glass cup once daily for 7days to treat gonorrhoea.

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-Senna Alata for pile: sun-dry the flowers of sena alata, grind to powder alongside uziza seed (iyere in yoruba) take a tea spoon once daily for 3 days using pap, to treat chronic pile and constipation.


-Senna Alata for colon cleansing: boil the leaves and take half glass cup. (A one-time medication)

-Senna alata for Excema, ringworm and scabies: crush the leaves and extract its juice, add little salt to it. Use the juice to rub the body or affected part. (It will itch and smell bad)


-Senna alata for fibroid: Get the root of the plant and immature seeds; get the root hog plum and newbouldia laevis. Room dry and grind all to powder, take a tablespoon once daily.

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