Persons can get vaccinated two weeks after blood transfusion- Chief Medical Officer

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Narine Singh has stated that individuals who receive a blood transfusion are eligible for their COVID-19 vaccine two weeks after receiving the blood.

This was stated in a memorandum detailing the updated information for COVID-19 vaccination exemptions.


Meanwhile, the memorandum also stated that individuals can donate blood after receiving their vaccine since there is no medical reason advising against this.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Narine Singh (


Chief Medical Officer, Dr Narine Singh


All individuals aged 18 years and older are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccines; only people aged 18 to 60 can receive the Chinese- Sinopharm vaccine, however.


Meanwhile, children aged 12 years and older will be able to receive the US-made Pfizer vaccines.


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