Multiple COVID cases recorded at Aishalton Primary

Reports from Aishalton in the Deep South Rupununi are that as many as six students of the primary school at the village have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

According to a reliable source at the village, the tests were carried out on Wednesday after the students displayed symptoms of the deadly virus. Initially, there were three positive cases, however, further clarifications led to additional cases being recorded by the village authorities.


Reports are that Aishalton Toshao, Michael Thomas who sits on a Deep South Rupununi health response body, has recommended to the school’s headteacher that the institution be closed. The recommendation was made on Thursday and reports are that the closure is expected to be made later in the day.

The Ministry of Health is currently undertaking vaccination drives across the country at schools in far-flung areas including those in the Rupununi. At the same time, the Ministry of Education has received multiple criticisms from members of the public, including teachers, regarding the reopening of schools to face-to-face learning.

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At the moment , the Guyana Teacher’s Union is protesting the mandatory vaccination drive currently in place by gazzeted orders. The Guyana News Agency understands that many other schools across the country have recorded positive COVID cases, including several in the city. It remains unclear what steps the Ministry of Education plans to take in light of the latest developments.



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