Canada-based Guyanese Clyde Pestano with his board game , Maths Ops.

CANADA-BASED Guyanese, Clyde Pestano, has invented a mathematics board game which he believes will solve numeracy issues encountered by children in the subject area, “in a fun way.”


Pestano, a Berbician and former sports journalist, told the Guyana Chronicle that soon after his arrival in Canada, he pursued university studies and started a career as an educator. During his early teaching career in Canada, he realised that numeracy was not a problem or issue that was confined to Guyanese or Caribbean students but rather, it was also a problem in Ontario.

He said this was based on his personal experiences, several local studies and poor results from government-mandated assessments.


As a numeracy teacher, Pestano said he thought “about a fun and engaging way” to deliver his math program so that students would thrive and adopt a positive mindset to mathematics.
This, he said, was what inspired him to conceive the board game.
He said the game was conceived as a method of overcoming the real or perceived fear of Mathematics, especially by primary and middle-schoolers. The insight to call this game “Math Ops” came with the realisation by the inventor that indeed most of what is being taught in the subject, are operations – be it adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing.

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According to Pestano, the primary goal of the board game is to increase the efficacy or aptitude of children, “so that they can engage in knowledge building, creative thinking and problem solving around math processes and concepts.”


He said the secondary goal of the game is to bring families together. He explained as an example, a parent can play the game as homework with their children.

Pestano said at the tertiary level, educators can use the game as an assessment tool for knowledge and understanding, formative and cumulative learning whether the beginning, middle and or end of a topic or unit or school term.


The inventor said he is hoping to partner with other stakeholders in the education sector here, such as the Ministry of Education, STEM Guyana, public and private libraries, local government organisations and non-governmental organisations committed to make Guyana an education nation as posited President David Granger.

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Pestano , who has been working as an educator for the past 13 years in Canada, said that as an educator and inventor his challenge was to design an educational game that had a “balance” of fun along with age-appropriate mathematical knowledge and understanding of concepts. This “journey”, he said, led to game spots in the playing process, as he mentioned other exciting aspects of the game.


The game is now available in Guyana in Georgetown and interested persons can contact local distributor, Mr. Charles Adrian, on telephone number 653-5130 for information on acquiring the game.

The game is priced competitively, he said and this was due to the fact that it is unique and of a very high quality based on feedback from customers in Guyana, Canada and the USA.

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Interested persons can also visit the website for more information.



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